Practice Day

October 17 - IAC88 Michigan Practice Day

2020 has so far been a challenging year with two main Chapter 88 events – the Judges School and the Michigan Aerobatic Open – both being canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, after Chapter 88 was issued a certificate of waiver for an aerobatic practice area (APA) early this year, the Chapter managed to organize a few practice/patch days. I would like to encourage IAC pilots/competitors and judges to take advantage of this APA during the monthly practice/patch day as it provides an opportunity for competitors as well as judges to practice their skills.

IAC 35 Practice Day

Chapter 35 aerobatic practice day at the Keene, NH airport (KEEN).   Wes Liu host/waiver holder.   Rain date 10/3  Please contact weston dot liu at charter dot net for details.

IAC Chapter 88 Practice Day September 19

IAC Chapter 88 has obtained a 3 year Long Term Aerobatic Practice Area (LT_APA) Certificate of Waiver for Romeo State Airport - D98.

Details on the September 19, 2020 Practice day:

Starting Time: 10:00- End Time: 16:00

Every pilot participant must obtain a pilot briefing and undergo a tech inspection and document check, identical to that when attending an IAC sanctioned contest, prior to flying in the designated waivered airspace. 


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