IAC Chapter 88 Practice Day September 19

IAC Chapter 88 has obtained a 3 year Long Term Aerobatic Practice Area (LT_APA) Certificate of Waiver for Romeo State Airport - D98.

Details on the September 19, 2020 Practice day:

Starting Time: 10:00- End Time: 16:00

Every pilot participant must obtain a pilot briefing and undergo a tech inspection and document check, identical to that when attending an IAC sanctioned contest, prior to flying in the designated waivered airspace. 

Waivered Airspace: LINK TO PDF for Romeo State Airport - D98

Photo: Wayne Buescher (Staudacher S600F), Jason Ledbetter (Bücker JUngmann) and Hugo Ritzenthaler (Staudacher Pitts S1E) June 2020.

More information on scheduled practice days can be found on the IAC 88 website: https://chapters.eaa.org/iac88/event-calendar/practice-days









Dates and Times: 

Saturday, September 19, 2020 - 09:00 to 17:00

Event Type: