Request for input: Advanced Team Selection Changes

The Board of Directors are requesting membership input regarding a vote at the spring meeting to change the manner in which the IAC selects the Advanced United States Aerobatic Team. Please send all comments via email to IAC Vice President Doug Bartlett (email below).


A change is being made to provide an option to the IAC to place a well qualified pilot on the Advanced Team who may not have qualified at the National Championships for any reason.  This change is being made for the Advanced Team only and is not being considered for the Unlimited Team at this time.


The Board of Directors are requesting your input regarding this change.  Comments and suggestions will be open until August 9th.  Following the comment period the Board of Directors will make a final ruling on the recommended change.  Any changes will be implemented at the 2019 U.S. National Aerobatic Championships in Salina, Kansas.


The current rule P&P Section 504.3.2.4 reads:

After the results are compiled, eight (8) pilots will be selected by IAC in rank order, without regard to gender, as qualified for the U.S. Advanced Power Aerobatic Team.


The Board of Directors proposes to change to read:

After the results are compiled, seven (7) pilots will be selected by the IAC in rank order.  At a later date, one (1) additional pilot will be recommended by the current team members and approved by the Board of Directors.  Any vacancies created by the resignation or removal of any team member may be filled by the recommendation of the remaining team members with the approval of the Board of Directors.  Pilots will be selected without regard to gender.


All comments should be sent via email to IAC Vice President Doug Bartlett at email address:

doug [dot] bartlett79 [at] gmail [dot] com