Apple Turnover, Ephrata, Washington

We've seen Ephrata Washington earlier this year, when we wrote about the Apple Cup. It's a contest location about as far north and west as you can get in the lower forty-eight. The Fall contest at Ephrata, the Apple Turnover, had reported awesome weather. Says Contest Director Peggy Reidinger, "Not a cloud to be found the entire weekend, and the temperature was perfect."

Jim Bourke, Jeff Hirschauer, Rochelle Oslick, John Smutny, Charlie Teeuwsen, Cheryl Bloom judged the five category contest hosted by IAC Chapter 67. Judges called from as far away as Idaho and Alberta. Peggy Reidinger and Doug Sowder served as Chief Judges.

Peggy writes, "At least one future judge (possibly more...) completed their assistant requirements to become a regional judge. Many non-flying volunteers helped make the contest run smoothly. Some who had never seen an aerobatic contest before came to check it out, and stayed to volunteer for the entire contest! They said that they had lots of fun and will be back again for another contest, possibly as competitors. The Judges learned to what lengths the Chef Judges will go in order to protect them - thank goodness for improvised snake-killing tools out on the judges line..."

Sean Van Hatten flew for patch and Ken Hewson won Primary flying a Canadian registered Pitts S1S.

Sean Van Hatten won Sportsman flying a Super Decathlon. He won both free flights. Kevin DeVan won the known, also flying a Super-D.

Jim Bourke won Intermediate flying a Super Decathlon against two Christen Eagles. He won the Free and Unknown flights. Rochelle Oslick won the Known.

Doug Sowder won the trifecta in Advanced with his Extra 300L.

Jason Bialek flew the Unlimited flights in a Yak 55M.

In the Northwest Regional Series we now have Ken Hewson leading in Primary, Pat Lavielle in Sportsman, Jim Bourke Intermediate, Doug Sowder Advanced, and Jason Bialek in Unlimited.

Thanks to scorekeeper Laurie Johnson and all of our scorekeepers for tracking the thousand grades recorded by judges at these contests.

Category winners at Apple Turnover, Ephrata, Washington

  • Primary, Ken Hewson, Pitts S1S
  • Sportsman, Sean Van Hatten, Super-D
  • Intermediate, Jim Bourke, Super-D
  • Advanced, Doug Sowder, Extra 300L
  • Unlimited, Jason Bialek, Yak 55M

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Opening this weekend and flying all next week, the IAC United States National Aerobatic Championships at Sherman and Denison, Texas.