Cut Bank Can-Am Results

We have flown five regional contests since last report on the 2014 IAC regionals a month ago:

  • Can-Am in Cut Bank, Montana
  • Upper Canada Open in Tillsonburg, Ontario
  • Hoosier Hoedown in Kokomo, Indiana
  • Kathy Jaffe Challenge in Lumberton, New Jersey
  • Beaver State in Pendleton, Oregon

Next weekend, the last weekend in August has four contests:

  • Rebel Regional in Union City, Tennessee
  • Hill Country Hammerfest in Llano, Texas
  • IAC Open West, 40th Annual Happiness is Delano in Delano, California
  • Rocky Mountain House in Alberta, Canada

We'll report about the contest at Cut Bank. Look for upcoming reports on the four remaining regionals that we've not covered.

Cut Bank, Montana is on the northern border of the state, close to the western border with Idaho. The closest major city is Calgary, in Alberta, Canada. You can see some box markers on the satelite view of the airport on Google Maps. All I can say is, you had better not be lining up on the runways!

Nine pilots flew at Cut Bank, two in Sportsman, three Intermediate, two Advanced, and two Unlimited. William Graves judged every flight. Jeff Hirschauer and Tom Lockhart judged Sportsman and Intermediate. Miles Crane, Patrick Spencer, and Vera Sturm joined William Graves to judge Advanced and Unlimited.

In Sportsman, Neill Cook with his Decathlon placed ahead of Ann Follinger with her Christen Eagle on all three flights.

Intermediate after two flights had James Sorenson the winner of both. Randy Skiba was close enough on his heals to come from behind with a win on the Unknown to win overall. James flies a Christen Eagle. Randy files a Giles 200.

Jerry Riedinger placed ahead of Jeff Hirschauer in all three flights of Advanced. Both fly an Extra 300.

Dave Barbet placed ahead of Jason Bialek in all three flights of Unlimited. Dave flies a Yak 300, Jason a Yak 55.

Winner recap, Can-Am in Cut Bank

  • Sportsman, Neill Cook, Super-D
  • Intermediate, Randy Skiba, Giles 200
  • Advanced, Jerry Riedinger, Extra 300
  • Unlimited, Dave Barbet, Yak 300

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