Doug Yost and Best Box Results

More than a week since the Doug Yost and Best Box contests. The CanAm Challenge in Cut Bank, Montana might have flown over this most recent weekend. We're on the lookout for results. Coming up in the next three weeks, four more: the Hoosier Hoedown in Kokomo, Indiana on the weekend of August 9; the Kathy Jaffe Challenge in Lumberton, NJ; the Upper Canada Open at Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada; and the Beaver State Regional in Pendleton, OR on the weekend of August 15.

Doug Yost, Spencer, Iowa

One of the fun events at the Doug Yost, held in Spencer, Iowa, was a suprise appearance of a P-51 Mustang to fly in Primary. Harry Barr and Jessica Panzer showed up with the North American World War II classic to have fun pacing it through Primary. It was an exhibition effort, not for trophy; but, which of the two flew it better? Awe. Sorry Jessy. The two swapped on the first two flights, but Harry clinched it with the third. Flying a P-51 in Primary. How cool is that, you two?

Someone captured one flight of each pilot in their vid cam and posted at Watching you notice no gear hanging down, big loops, and then, in the up close taxi shots, those tiny looking pilots in the cockpit give you an idea how big the plane is.

The actual competition in Primary had five competitors all flying the Super-D. In battle for first place were Patrick Mills and first time competitor Sara Arnold, daughter of long time IAC Chapter 78 member Dick Swanson. Sara was third, and Patrick first after the first flight, with Sara trailing about eight points, two percent. Sara and Patrick tied for first place on the second flight, with almost eighty-two percent each. Third flight, Sara scored an average of 8.5 and Patrick 8.8 to win the flight and the category.

Thanks to Primary judges Peter Tallarita, Justin Hickson, and Paul Thomson.

Sportsman at the Doug Yost had nine competitors. Cory Johnson in his Pitts S1C got a first flight jump on MidAmerica Sportsman Ace Paul Thomson from Kansas. He could not hold on, however, taking second to Paul on the next two flights for second overall. Paul won the category with an 8.7 overall average score flying his Super-D.

Thanks to Peter Tallarita, John Ostmeyer, Klaus Mueller, and Craig Gifford for judging twenty-seven flights of Sportsman.

Six pilots battled in Intermediate there in Spencer. Brent Smith Won the Known and Free flights in his Pitts S1S for the overall title. Jon Vanderhoof stole the trifecta from Brent with a win on the Unknown.

Thanks to Peter Tallarita, Juston Hickson, Paul Thomson, and Dick Swanson for judging Intermediate.

The highest category flown at the Doug Yost was Advanced, with three competitors. Craig Gifford won the Known flying a Staudacher S-300. John Ostmeyer won the Free and Unknown flights, and overall, flying a Pitts S1T.

Thanks to Peter Tallarita, Justin Hickson, Paul Thomson, and Dick Swanson for judging Advanced. Peter judged every flight at the contest and made an excellent job of it. We love our non-flying judges, and thank you to Peter.

The Doug Yost was organized by Dan Pichelman and IAC Chapter 78.

Winner recap, Doug Yost

  • Primary, Patrick Mills, Super-D
  • Sportsman, Paul Thomson, Super-D
  • Intermediate, Brent Smith, Pitts S1S
  • Advanced, John Ostmeyer, Pitts S1T

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Best Box in Texas, Edna, Texas

Concurrent with the Doug Yost, and about one thousand miles south, IAC Chapter 25 held the Best Box in Texas. Edna is just south of a line between San Antonio and Houston, near the Gulf of Mexico.

Eight pilots had the Best Box all to themselves. They split themselves up into two Primary, three Sportsman, and three Intermediate.

The upper three categories had one pilot each. The three got together to fly Intermediate. Debby Rihn-Harvey dropped from Unlimited to win the Known, Free, and Overall with her Hurricane CAP-232. Jeff Stoltenberg dropped from Advanced and won the Unknown flight with his Giles 200. Intermediate competitor Robert Salter held tight for second place against his upper category competition flying a DR-107.

Doug Jenkins won everything in Sportsman. He flies an S1E.

Juan Carlos Campos Jurado battled with Benjamin Cory DuBose in Primary, both flying Super-D's. Benjamin won the first flight. Juan Carlos won the rest.

Thanks to Lynne Stoltenberg, Jeff Stoltenberg, David Jenkins, and Debby Rihn-Harvey for judging at Edna. Danny Beacham and IAC Chapter 25 organized the contest.

Winner recap, Best Box

  • Primary, Juan Carlos Campos Jurado, Super-D
  • Sportsman, Doug Jenkins, Pitts S1E
  • Intermediate, Debby Rihn-Harvey, CAP 232

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