IAC Election Results Announced at AirVenture

This morning, July 29, 2016, at the IAC Annual Meeting in the IAC Pavilion at AirVenture, the 2016 election results were announced. Ballot Certification Chair, DJ Molny, certified the following results:

  √ Michael Heuer (319 votes)

  √ Lynn Bowes (319 votes)

Board of Directors (3 open seats)
  √ Debby Rihn Harvey (276 votes)
  √ Rob Holland (268 votes)
  √ Ron Schreck (*169 votes)
     AJ Hefel (*165 votes)

Elected candidates assumed office at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.

Votes were collected on the iac.org web server . As each vote was cast, the web server sent a copy of the ballot to a protected Gmail account. This serves as both a data backup and audit trail.

*Because of the narrow margin between Messrs. Schreck and Hefel the Gmail ballots were hand counted and reached the same totals.