Wednesday's IAC Forums


Join us at the IAC Pavilion for the forums on Wednesday, July 27;

8:30-9:45am       Which Acro Bird is Best for You - Budd Davisson
10:00-11:15am   RV Aerobatics - Ron Schreck
11:30-12:45pm   Spins: From Top to Bottom - Michael Church


Budd Davisson starts the morning off describing

which Acro Bird is Best for You.  Budd has 43 years and

over 5,500 hours of dual-given just in the pattern teaching

people to master the Pitts on the ground and in the air.

He's flown over three hundred different types of aircraft as

pilot in command and his forum will help you focus on picking

the best aerobatic airplane for you.


Ron Schreck will be giving a forum on RV Aerobatics.

He will discuss everything from flying aerobatics for

air shows,  to competition or just for fun.

How to equip your RV for aerobatics, maneuver basics,

safety and more. Ron is an IAC judge and has competed

in Sportsman in his RV-8, "Miss Izzy".



Michael Church has been teaching aerobatic

flight for more than 40 years and is recognized

as a Master Aerobatic CFI. He has logged more

than 11,000 hours of inflight instruction.  Michael

teaches at Sunrise Aviation where the curriculum

includes; Stall/spin recovery, Unusual attitude/upset

training, Basic aerobatics, and Competition aerobatics.