2016 1st & 2nd Quarter Achievement Awards Posted

Congratulations to the individuals below who have applied for and received Achievement Awards from flying in a non-contest environment (Smooth Achievement) or at contest (Stars Achievement) in the First and Second Quarter of 2016.

As a reminder, First time Primary or Sportsman Stars or Smooth Award Applicant will receive their first award patch for free. Applicants for Glider or Power Primary or Sportsman Achievement Awards should fill out an application and only send payment for additional patches, pins or decals. The first patch will be shipped at no charge. Applications: https://www.iac.org/legacy/achievement-awards-applications

1st Quarter

1203     Kassie Miller                        Primary Smooth
1204     Susan Bell                             Primary Smooth (with CFI)
729       Kelly Vogel                           Primary Stars - Delano
730       Mignon Gery                        Primary Stars - Apple Valley
731       Conner Gery                         Primary Stars - Delano
732       Michael Neuman                  Primary Stars - Euphrata
1540     Mignon Gery                        Sportsman Stars - Coalinga
1541     Michael Neuman                  Sportsman Stars - Apple Cup

2nd Quarter

1205     Nathan Taylor                       Primary Smooth (with CFI)
735       Curt Sullivant                       Primary Stars - Snowbird Classic
736       Brett Wickizer                      Primary Stars - Snowbird Classic
737       Susan Bell                            Primary Stars - Duel in the Dessert
738       David Shaver                       Primary Stars - Ohio Aerobatic Open
1542     Michael Mock                      Sportsman Stars - Snowbird Classic
1543     Randy King                          Sportsman Stars - Snowbird Classic
1544     Mark Budd                           Sportsman Stars - Snowbird Classic
118       Hiroyasu Endo                     Unlimited Stars - Borrego

All award recipients since 1970 can be found on the Achievement Award webpages:
Power: https://www.iac.org/legacy/power-achievement-awards-home
Glider: https://www.iac.org/legacy/glider-achievement-awards-home