IAC Pavilion Forums Line Up for EAA Air Venture

Preparations for the IAC's theme, " Grass Roots to the Top of the World", during EAA Air Venture will include a full roster of forums at the IAC Pavilion. The forums are scheduled daily from Tuesday, July 26 through Friday, July 26.

In keeping with the theme and the goal of promoting "grass roots" aerobatics, Michael Lents starts off the week with his forum on "Flying the Decathlon" and Dagmar Kress continues the theme with "Basic Elements of Aerobatics". On Thursday with a forum by Patty Wagstaff, six-time recipient of the "First Lady of Aerobatics" Betty Skelton Award, three-time US National Champion and a top USA medal winner at World Aerobatic Championships, we will get a glimpse of what it is like to be on Top of the World.

Tuesday, July 26
8:30-9:45am      The Inverted Flat Spin Record - Spencer Suderman
10:00-11:15am  Flying the Decathlon - Michael Lents
11:30-12:45pm  Basic Elements of Aerobatics - Dagmar Kress   

Wednesday, July 27
8:30-9:45am       Which Acro Bird is Best for You - Budd Davisson
10:00-11:15am   RV Aerobatics - Ron Schreck
11:30-12:45pm   Spins: From Top to Bottom - Michael Church

Thursday, July 28
8:30-9:45am      Getting Your Head Around Unusual Attitude Recoveries - Billy Werth 
10:00-11:15am  Life Looks Better Upside Down - Patty Wagstaff
11:30-12:45pm  Five Tools for Taming a Taildragger - Greg Koontz

Friday, July 29
8:30-9:45am      IAC ANNUAL MEETING
10:00-11:15am  Airshow Adventures - Debbie Gary
11:30-12:45pm  A Look into the World of Airshows - Skip Stewart