2023 Regional Series and Collegiate program standings

Regional Series Update
The IAC awards first, second, and third-place titles in all categories in each of six regions. Each pilot flies a three-contest minimum with the Nationals as a wild-card. The average of the three best contests flown in a region are used to arrive at a total percentage.

Current leaders in these regions:
MidAmerica: Justin Miller (Primary), Tim Taylor (Sportsman), Justin Hickson (Intermediate), Luke Penner (Advanced)
Northeast: Jerry Esquenazi (Intermediate), David Taylor (Advanced)
Northwest: Steven Litsky (Primary), Neil Harris (Advanced), Peter Gelinas (Unlimited)
South Central: Olivia Yeiser (Primary), Wayne Forbes (Sportsman), Doug Jenkins (Intermediate), Gretchen Knox (Glider Intermediate) Craig Fitzgerald (Advanced)
Southeast: Adro Begrow (Primary), Jerry Esquenazi (Intermediate), Britt Lincoln (Advanced), Craig Gifford (Unlimited)
Southwest: Steven Fraiser (Primary), Phillip Gragg (Sportsman), Robin Simmons (Glider Sportsman) Brooks Mershon (Intermediate), Yuichi Takagi (Advanced), AJ Wilder (Unlimited)

Final standings will end with the last contest of the season: 86th Sebring’s First Christmas Bash, December 7-9. See the regional standings › https://iaccdb.iac.org/leaders/regionals 

Collegiate Program Update
The IAC Collegiate Program aims to increase the flying safety and interest level of collegiate pilots in aerobatics, aerobatic competition, and the International Aerobatic Club. Two awards exist, the “Collegiate National Championship Team Award” and the “Individual Collegiate National Champion Award.”

The current standings show the University of North Dakota (UND) in the lead with 87.08 percent of possible points. The US Air Force Academy and Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) are in a tight battle for second with USAFA leading with 83.64 percent and MSU at 83.24 percent. See the standings › https://iaccdb.iac.org/leaders/collegiate