2023 IAC Rule Book available for download

The 2023 edition of the IAC Contest Rules is now available to members at: www.iac.org/download-contest-rules 
Most of the changes are a direct result of IAC members' input.  Twenty-Seven proposals were submitted by members.  After these were published last fall, other members provided valuable comments.  The Rules Committee discussed each proposal and associated comments in depth, then provided recommendations to the IAC Board of Directors.  Additional changes were also made directly by the Board.  After further consideration regarding all related implications, the Board determined a final disposition for each.  The accepted items were then incorporated into the 2023 edition. 
A summary of the 2023 changes from the 2022 rules can be found on the same page as the rule book.  For ready reference, the new book includes black vertical “change bars” in the outside page margins where there are significant differences from the 2022 edition.  These will mark the approved rule changes as well as a handful of editorial (not changing the intent of a rule, i.e. rewording for clarification or consistency) updates.
The Rules Committee has strived to bring you a robust set of rules for both competitor and judge use.  We understand how important the rules are to all users and recognize that improvement is always possible.  Please keep submitting proposals for any areas you believe could be enhanced so that together we can keep the rules a positive influence on our enjoyment of this great sport.  Guidance for providing input is in Section 1 of the book.  Informal comments are also welcome anytime – Simply contact the Rules Committee at the email below.
Barrett Hines
Rules Chair