Presentation K for 2023 Knowns updated

At the 2022 Fall Board Meeting, the board adopted rule change proposal 2023-10 which made the Presentation K 20 for Intermediate and 30 for Advanced.
After a review by observant IAC member and former board member, Tom Rhodes, it was discovered that the presentation K on the two sequences were incorrect in the IAC 2023 Known sequence archive. 
The IT Tech team has verified that JaSPer has the correct K value for the 2023 season. Ringo Massa, who operates OpenAero was also alerted, and he verifies that the presentation K factors are correct for all of the IAC 2023 Known sequences on his online platform for developing and building sequences.
The corrected Knowns include the Intermediate and Advanced sequences as well as the Primary Glider, and Primary, Sportsman and Unlimited Power, which have all been uploaded to the archive of sequences on the IAC website here: 
Please replace any previous versions you may have downloaded with these corrected 2023 Knowns.
Corrected versions are attached here for your convenience.