New Sequence Forms for 2023

New for the 2023 contest season, the IAC Board of Directors has approved the use of "L" and "R" forms as alternatives to the traditional IAC A, B, C forms.

These new forms clearly indicate that "L" is wind from the LEFT and "R" is wind from the "RIGHT".  No more trying to remember which wind direction is the "B" form versus the "C" form.  There is no equivalent "A" form in the new style.

The board approved the use of L&R forms in either the CIVA style or in a new IAC style prepared by IAC Judge Chair DJ Molny. Forms may be found in the Contest Director Packet.

For those pilots creating their own sequences on OpenAero, the program can create CIVA forms with IAC logos, but it doesn't yet know anything about IAC L/R forms specifically.  IAC leadership is hopeful that support on OpenAero for the new modified forms will be implemented prior to the 2023 contest season.

For the 2023 contest season all three possible options for forms shall be accepted at IAC contests: 1.) IAC A/B/C, 2.) CIVA L/R, and 3.) IAC L/R.  

Some have expressed a concern that there is less room to write remarks with the new forms, but Nick Buckenham, CIVA president and IAC member, says the practice in CIVA is to write the remarks directly on the figures.  That seems to settle the problem and there is still a block for remarks if you can write a little smaller.

Once the 2023 season begins and IAC members have had a chance to experience using the forms, you can send your comments to president [at]