The IAC 2023 APPROVED Rules Change Proposals

There were 27 rule changes proposed by the IAC members for 2023. The proposals were posted for member comment and 19 members provided feedback on at least one item. After reviewing all comments, the Rules program committee lead by program chair Barrett Hines provided a report to the IAC board of directors. See the full report at: (IAC member login required).

The IAC board of directors approved fourteen of the nineteen 2023 Rules change proposals recommended by the Rules Program Committee at the IAC fall board meeting last week. 

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• 2023-1   Extend Glider grading to also allow horizontal S loops to be at different altitudes

• 2023-2   Alter 4-minute Free for gliders to change the time limitation to an altitude limitation

• 2023-5   Revise medical incapacitation rules to be clear and appropriate

• 2023-6   Revise 34.8.1 to allow only one seat belt in Glider Advanced

• 2023-7   Clarify how zero lift axis varies during a roll on a 45

• 2023-9   Amend rules governing corner judges to make use optional

• 2023-10 Increase Presentation K factors (Power Intermediate changes from 15K to 20K and Power Advanced changes from 25K to 30K)

• 2023-14 Clarify when the upline ends and the downline begins for hammerheads

• 2023-15 Clarify when the upline ends and the downline begins for tailslides

• 2023-16 Specify the deduction for non-integrated roll in quarter-clovers

• 2023-19 Restore the roll-after-spin exception for Unlimited Unknowns

• 2023-23 Clarify penalty for “blended exit” in competition turns

• 2023-26 Using the base aircraft definitions to protest Unknowns; except the clarification will be omitted.

• 2023-27 Update safety figure rules; except for the changes described in the proposed 14.3.3