The IAC 2023 approved known sequences

Annually you will see a familiar call for IAC member participation on foundational programs that govern all IAC sanctioned contests. This year, Sequence Committee Chair Michael Ciliberti and Rules Committee Chair Barrett Hines sent out the same appeal to IAC members in the July/August time frame for rule change proposals and known sequences.

Once sequences were received, they were sent out to the membership for a 30-day comment period. The submissions were reviewed by the sequence committee, Mike prepared a report with recommendations to the IAC board of directors at the IAC fall board meeting November 11-12. In his report Mike said, “Various comments were returned and discussed. Some changes were made and all sequences were flown by committee members as well as others in the general membership before the final list and structures were determined. Both safety and flyability were confirmed.”

The 2023 Knowns, including the glider sequences submitted by Glider Chair Jason Stephens, are attached to this webpage below.
Note - NEW this year is the Primary glider sequence. The new category was introduced by Shad Coulson with Jason Stephens. "We are actively trying to grow the level of interest and participation in glider aerobatics within the United States. One of the primary obstacles we need to overcome is making the lower categories more accessible to the broader glider community", said Shad. He indicated that most of the entry level aerobatic gliders are unable to spin, so the new primary glider sequence doesn't contain a spin and will go a long way to remove this obstacle for new participants.