IAC Fall Board Meeting Summary

Decisions of interest to the IAC Members

by Jim Bourke, IAC 434151

The IAC fall board meeting was held November 11-12 in the EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Committee Appointments

• Ballot Certification Chair: Doug Jenkins appointed.

• Sequence Chair: Resignation of Mike Ciliberti accepted, Rob Holland appointed.

• Executive Committee: Dagmar Kress, Craig Gifford appointed.

• 2023 AirVenture Chair: Jordan Ashley appointed

 U.S. National Aerobatic Championships

• The winner of the Primary category will be given a National Champion title from here forward.

• The jury may no longer allow any video evidence except official contest video.

• Figures selected for the first Advanced Free Unknown program will have a minimum K value of 15 and a maximum of 30.

• The Contest Director will be able to proceed with team selection flights when video is not available due to circumstances beyond the CD’s control.


• A new Glider Primary category has been created.

• The Advanced and Unlimited Glider National Championships will be held at Estrella in Arizona February 16-18.

• The 2023 USA Advanced and Unlimited Glider Teams will be selected by the Glider Chair in accordance with his proposal.

• Several Team Management policies were updated to better reflect the needs of glider pilots.

 Policy Changes

• Proposed technical inspection forms are adopted pending legal and risk management review by the Executive Director.

• The language in the Chapter Relations Policies (P&P 204) will be amended to make it clear that Directors are elected by the members at large and do not specifically represent particular regions, though they are assigned to regions to assist with communication.

• The Contest Sanctioning Committee (P&P 206) is now responsible for maintaining contest forms and is directly authorized to give guidance to contest directors and contest juries.

• The policy on IAC Elections (P&P 218) no longer requires that Presidential candidates must be board members. Any member can run for President.

• The Code of Conduct found in the IAC Team Management policies (P&P 505) is simplified.


• All sequences proposed by the outgoing Sequence Chair, Mike Ciliberti, were approved.

US Advanced Team 2023

• Alice Johnson approved as Team Manager.

• Jim Bourke approved as Team Coach.

Rule Changes

• L&R forms will be accepted at all contests in addition to A, B, and C forms.

• Glider rules for Horizontal Ss now include criteria that was mistakenly only applied to Horizontal 8s.

• Glider 4-minute freestyle flights may begin at 5,000’ and do not have to last 4 minutes.

• Juries may rely on the input of all relevant contest officials when considering disqualification, instead of an approved list.

• Seat belt requirements for Gliders now match historical practice; meaning the SZD 59 and DG-1000 are formally allowed in Advanced Glider competition.

• The meaning of Zero Lift Axis is better explained for rolls on 45-degree lines.

• Boundary Judges are now optional at all contests, at the Contest Director’s discretion.

• The Presentation K factor for the Intermediate and Advanced categories are increased to 20 and 30 respectively.

• Up and down lines for hammerheads and tailslides are better defined.

• The standard one-point-per-five-degrees rule is now restated for Quarter Clover angle errors.

• Rolls are once again allowed after spins in Unlimited Unknowns, which corrects an editing mistake made a few years ago.

• The application of the standard one-point-per-five-degrees rule is clarified for Competition Turns.

• It is now clear to juries that sequences are only illegal if they do not conform to the rules contained in the rule book, as opposed to the policy documents. Contest Directors are encouraged to have sequences reviewed prior to a contest so that juries will not be faced with requests to modify sequences.

Open Championships

• Chapter 88 is appointed host of the Open East Championship.

• Chapter 36 is appointed host of the Open West Championship.


Minutes from the meeting will be posted online here: https://www.iac.org/meeting-docs  (IAC Member login required)