Jordan Ashley appointed 2023 AirVenture Committee Chair

At the IAC fall board meeting, November 11-12, Jordan Ashley was confirmed unanimously as 2023 AirVenture Chairman. This will be Jordan's second year as AirVenture Chairman. Jordan marks 2023 as his 28th year at AirVenture and 15th year as a volunteer. 

"AirVenture 2022 was what I would consider a resounding success. This was a year of trying many new things, growing the volunteer base by several hundred percent and seeing one of the largest turnouts of aircraft that we have had in years. Thanks to generous sponsorship funding, we were able to try a host of new initiatives aimed at improving the overall experience for IAC membership, forum attendees, guests and pilots of aerobatic aircraft," said Jordan in his fall board AirVenture report. 

"I have spoken and debriefed with the 2022 KVG team and they are all willing to return in 2023 to continue to make progress on the initiatives that we started this year. They have a host of new ideas and ways that we can make 2023 even better than 2022."

Watch the IAC AirVenture webpage for updates on the IAC activities coming to 2023 AirVenture!