2022 US Nationals Freestyle Request

For the 2022 US Nationals Scoring, we’re requesting PDF copies of Freestyles, the same as for Regional’s.  We will be preparing our scoring system in advance, and this saves time on site if we can get as many Free Programs loaded as possible before the start of Nationals. Hard copies are still primary, however soft copies will assist us in clipboard preparation.
Please don’t forget, nor hesitate, to resubmit if there are any subsequent changes. Submit via the instructions below. 
‘Bwana’ Bob Buckley
Castle Rock, CO
Bwana [at] comcast.net
4.1.4    In addition to the mandatory requirements of section 4.1.3, the contest staff is requesting pilots to also submit Frees in Adobe PDF format, as are generated by OpenAero. Although this is not a requirement, it will allow for a significant workload reduction in Registration and allow the contest to move along faster.
Files are to be sent as individual A, B, and C PDF files using the naming convention as follows:
Files are to be emailed to the following email address: Bwana [at] comcast.net