Visit the IAC at Airventure 2022!

By Jordan Ashley, IAC AirVenture Chairman

For AirVenture 2022, we will be “Celebrating IAC Volunteers…the lift beneath our wings.”
The IAC as an organization was founded by; and for more than 50 years; has been supported by volunteers. Because of this, we want to recognize and celebrate the work that is done by our membership, some seen but mostly unseen that has carried our organization for all these years. 2022 will mark my 27th AirVenture, 14th year as a volunteer and13th in IAC AirVenture Leadership. Because of this, my hope for AirVenture and the Aerobatic Center is for us to have a welcoming space with interesting merchandise, forums and community for current membership and guests alike. 
  • Join us for free popcorn throughout the week if you need a salty snack before the airshow.
  • Join us on Wednesday afternoon for a meet and greet of airshow pilots, Mike Goulian and Kirby Chambliss.
  • Join us for four full days of forum presentations with 16 presentations over those four days ranging from: how to grow your aerobatic chapter to becoming an airshow pilot and building your own aerobatic airplane.
  • Join us by flying in, we look forward to meeting you and inviting you to the IAC building for a few surprise goodies.
  • Join us by “flying” your own sequence or one of the Known sequences at our ground walk box that will be south of the IAC Building this year.
  • Join us by volunteering for a few hours or a few days. We will be recognizing some of our volunteers with newly created AirVenture specific volunteer awards, to be given out at the membership gathering on Friday evening as well.

See you at 2022 EAA AirVenture! July 25-July 31. Oshkosh, Wisconsin.