Call for IAC Known sequences for 2023

Attention IAC Members!

I am hoping to get some Known Proposal submissions from Members in every category. This spring a change was made to P&P 229 which includes allowable figures for the Knowns. My hope is that this will give more guidance on developing Knowns and motivate you to get involved. Please take a look at P&P 229 and send me any questions you may have. Known submissions from the Membership have been very limited…hopefully that will change.

To access the Policy and Procedure Manual, use your IAC login and password on this IAC website. Once you are logged in then you can access the P&Ps here: Scroll down the screen and open P&P section 229 Sequence Program, look on page 1 starting at Known Sequence Design Criteria for all of the allowable figures for the Knowns.

I look forward to your submissions!

Mike Ciliberti
IAC Sequence Chair