New Award for dedicated IAC competitors

IAC Frequent Flyers

At their spring meeting, the IAC Board of Directors approved a new trophy and recognition program, proposed by Director Bob Freeman, to recognize our most active members.  Some have dubbed this the "IAC Frequent Flyers Program".  Details can be found in P&P 201 Revision 31 (IAC website governance documents - member login required).

The new trophy will be on permanent display in Oshkosh, alongside all the other permanent trophies of the IAC.  The trophy recognizes the pilot (may be more than one) that flew in the most IAC sanctioned contests during that calendar year.  The winner’s name(s) will be added to the trophy each year.  The IACCDB will provide the data starting in 2006 when it was created and going forward. Records can be submitted by members for pre-2006 contest participation on a contest participation summary form.  The form can be submitted by a member once validated by another current member.  Supporting data can include copies of contest results, trophies, logbook entries, etc… 

Here is a list of past winners, based on the IACCDB:

2006                9 Todd Whitmer                                        

2007                7 Todd Whitmer, Paul Lopez                       

2008                9 Joe Haycraft                                           

2009                8 Mikhael Ponso                                         

2010                11 Michael Ponso                                         

2011                8  Charles Cohen, Craig Gifford                     

2012                11 Mark Steward                                      

2013                8 Bill Denton, Craig Gifford, John Howell, Kathleen Howell

2014                9 Charles Cohen                                         

2015                10 Jim Bourke                                             

2016                9 Jim Bourke                                            

2017                9 Shaun Brautigan                                     

2018                9 Susan Bell                                               

2019                9 Vibeke Gaard                                                                          

2020                4 Doug Jenkins -  severely reduced number of contests due to COVID                        

2021                11 Sean Moran                                           

In addition, a new award program has also been created to recognize the lifetime participation of our members. Dave Watson (Awards Committee Co-Chair) and Bob Freeman developed this program to recognized members for their ongoing Dedication to Sport Aerobatics through their significant participation in IAC Sanctioned contests over time.

Award Levels have been established based on these levels of contest participation:

Bronze                                50 contests

Silver                                  70 contests

Gold                                    90 contests

Platinum                            110 contests

Platinum Elite                    130 contests

Platinum Double Elite        150 contests

Current data based on the IACCDB (2006 and later)

Silver Level: >70 Contests since 2006

1)   Marty Flournoy                               79   

2)   Barret Hines                                   72

3)   Dave Watson                                  71

Bronze Level: 50 to 69 Contests since 2006

4) & 5) Steve Johnson                           69

4) & 5) Mike Eggen                                69

6)   Stanley Moye                                   66

7)   Mike Forney                                     63

8)   Jerry Riedinger                                60

9)   Howard Kirker                                  57

10)  James Wells                                    55

You are encouraged to submit your pre-2006 participation records to the Achievement Awards Co-Chairs.   These numbers will be updated based on validated pre-2006 contest summaries from competitors at the end of 2022.