Sequence chair calls for 2022 Unknowns

Hello All,
I have been appointed as Sequence Chair of the IAC and will start duties when Michael Lents, current Sequence Program Chair, abdicates his throne. Thanks for all your hard work, Michael! Until I started to look into this further, I had no idea of the scope of work expected and what you accomplished. For anyone unaware this position is responsible for each years Known programs as well as all Unknowns to be provided for regional contests as well as some National's Unknowns. That's a lot of Unknowns!
I am searching for volunteers from each region and category to help out with input and Unknowns that can be vetted for legality and put in the pool of Unknowns to be flown. By looking in the rule book and using OpenAero to build an Unknown you just may learn something in the process :) I know I am!

If you have any interest in helping out, please contact me at or call 302-521-0499.
Mike Ciliberti IAC 12585
Sequence Program Chair