Key Rules Changes Coming in 2022

This year there were a total of 62 rule change proposals submitted by members.  The Rules Committee evaluated each toward how they would resolve the stated concern and if implemented what impacts would ensue to safety, competitor enjoyment, contest operations, member comments, etc.  Of the 62, 33 changes were recommended by the committee for adoption.  Specific rule book text changes were then developed for each.  

On November 13 the IAC Board of Directors reviewed all 62 items and the recommendations, approving 20 for inclusion into the 2022 IAC Contest Rules.  

Key changes to be incorporated in the 2022 rules are:

  • 2022-2: A single competitor may fly a category and earn a trophy.
  • 2022-5: Late contest arrivals allowed with no Jury approval but via Contest Director permission.
  • 2022-6: Student pilots may compete with a CFI Safety Pilot.
  • 2022-12: Guidance on Grading Judge selection related to conflicts of interest.
  • 2022-14: All categories have the same opportunity to fly a third program.
  • 2022-21: Eliminate the requirement to have a current IAC Judge sign competitor Free programs.
  • 2022-24: Allowable Intermediate Unknown figures to include a full snap on a horizontal line and 1/2 snap on an up 45 line.
  • 2022-26: Remove the constraint on Unlimited Unknowns for max. rotations on unlinked horizontal rolls.
  • 2022-43: New deduction for each figure that cannot be properly graded due to viewing angle or distance.
  • 2022-45: Removed the "interior line" requirement for Advanced and Unlimited opposite roll versatility in Frees.
  • 2022-46: More options available to a Contest Jury so they may apply a penalty consistent with the situation.
  • 2022-51: Guidance on Jury selection to represent different chapters and regions.
  • 2022-54: Specify a HZ for adding a figure to the end of a sequence.
  • 2022-58: Expanded types of optional Safety Checks for Advanced and Unlimited pilots at all contests.

Other approved rule changes:

  • 2022-3: Allow trophies to be give out regardless of many competitors are in a category
  • 2022-10: Rule book is definitive
  • 2022-17: No numerical scores received
  • 2022-19: Remove presentation K from form A and the Free Program Checklist
  • 2022-20: Back to back form printing
  • 2022-42: Clarify glider unlinked snap roll rules

Supporting information used during the fall board meeting is attached below.

Barrett Hines

IAC Rules Committee Chair

RulesChair [at]


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