Regional Championship Series Updates

The Regional Series awards the top placing participants in each of the six U.S. regions who fly in at least three IAC sanctioned contests during the year.  (U.S. Nationals may be used as a "wild card" as one of the three contests flown.)

With two more contest to be flown November 5-6 at Sebring, FL (SE region), and 11-12 at the Tequila Cup in Arizona (SW Region), the current leaders in all the other regions below have flown all available Regional contests. The winners will not be declared until the final contest is flown and the database is reviewed for accuracy.

MidAmerica region qualified (flown in three contests in the region) leaders are;

  • Primary: 1st place Julia Harrington
  • Sportsman: 1st place Michael Hoy, 2nd place Hollywood Hayden
  • Intermediate: 1st place Jerry Esquenazi, 2nd place Justin Hickson
  • Advanced: 1st place Shaun Brautigan
  • Unlimited: 1st place Hugo Ritzenthaler

Northwest region qualified leaders are;

  • Sportsman: 1st place Marianne Fox
  • Intermediate: 1st place John Paul Takacs, 2nd place Ronald McMinn
  • Advanced: 1st place Luke Penner, 2nd place Jeff Hirschauer

Northeast region qualified leaders are;

  • Sportsman: 1st place Stephen Coleman, 2nd place Daniel Watkins, 3rd place James Spaller
  • Intermediate: 1st place Glen Becker, 2nd place Wes Liu, 3rd place John Shavinsky
  • Advanced: 1st place David Taylor, 2nd place Ronald Mann, 3rd place David Shaver

South Central region qualified leaders are;

  • Primary: 1st place Dylan Beal, 2nd place Nina Stewart, 3rd place Haley Brinson
  • Sportsman: 1st place Michael Hoy, 2nd place Emerson Beinhauer, 3rd place Ryan Tierney
  • Intermediate: 1st place Craig Fitzgerald, 2nd place Douglas Jenkins, 3rd place Tom Rhodes
  • Advanced:  1st place Julia Wood, 2nd place Klayton Kirkland, 3rd place David Prather

Southeast region qualified leaders are:

  • Sportsman: 1st place Juliana Fraschetti
  • Intermediate; 1st place Corey Gerulis, 2nd place Jerry Esquenazi
  • Advanced: 1st place Marty Flournoy, 2nd place Shaun Brautigan, 3rd place Charlie Sikes

Southwest region qualified leaders are:

  • Primary: 1st place Geraldo Ortiz
  • Sportsman: 1st place Mark King, 2nd place Marianne Fox, 3rd place Sean Moran
  • Intermediate: 1st place Brittanee Lincoln, 2nd place Mike Eggen, 3rd place Eric Moore
  • Advanced: 1st place Matt Dunfee, 2nd place Michael Hartenstine, 3rd place Dave Watson
  • Unlimited: 1st place Jim Bourke, 2nd place A.J. Wilder, 3rd place Rory Moore

All the scores are online at: