CIVA Plenary to be held via Video Conference November 19-21

The international governing body for aerobatic competition, FAI Aerobatics Commission (CIVA), has announced that their next meeting will be on November 19-21.  The meeting was originally planned to be held as a face-to-face meeting in Dallas, Texas, however CIVA has announced that due to travel complications the meeting this fall will take place online. The agenda and related documents can be found online here:

The United States delegation will attend the meeting to express its disappointment over the circumstances that lead to the U.S.'s withdrawal from the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships this summer.  2021 marks the first time the United States has not been represented in international competition at an Advanced or Unlimited world event.  Also on the schedule is the urgent need to select a venue for the Unlimited World Aerobatic Championships in 2022.

IAC President Jim Bourke asks any IAC members with concerns regarding CIVA issues to contact him at president [at]