"The Leo" National Championship Points Series Update

Leo Update as of 8/23/2021
Another week, another contest added to the NPSC results for the Leo Trophy.  We've completed a lot of flying through early August with about 214 NPSC competitors spread across 17 NPSC qualified contests.   Nathan Ruedy, Brittanee Lincoln, Matt Dunfee and Dave Watson have each flown in 3 different regions as you'll see in the results here and so have earned qualifying points in the series.   It looks like the Advanced category is shaping up to be a tight battle between Matt Dunfee and Dave Watson.  Dave closed the gap a little with his 1st place finish at the Western Regionals held last weekend in Sterling, CO. It could come down to who does better at the Nationals in September!
Season numbers
Competitor Summary               One Region    Two Regions      Three Regions
Sportsman                                      87                    11                       1

Intermediate                                   48                      5                       1
Advanced                                        41                     5                       2
Unlimited                                        12                      1                       0
Sportsman Point Leaders (2 Regions Best Rank Points Sum except Nathan) 
Nathan Ruedy                                  1.763             (3 Regions)
Michael Hoy                                     1.832
Sara Arnold                                      1.427
Intermediate Point Leaders (2 Regions Best Rank Points Sum except Brittanee)
Brittanee Lincoln                           2.436              (3 regions)
Wayne Asplundh                              1.714
Craig Fitzerald                                 1.639
Advanced Point Leaders (3 Regions Best Rank Points Sum except Chris)
Matt Dunfee                                   2.607
Dave Watson                                  2.458
Chris Magon                                    1.381              (2 regions)
Unlimited Point Leaders (2 Regions Best Rank Points Sum)   
Jim Bourke                                    1.417
Bob Freeman
Director, International Aerobatic Club, Division of EAA
President, IAC Chapter 12, Rocky Mountain Aerobatic Club
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