Regional Series and National Point Series Updates

The Regional Series awards the top placing participants in each of the six U.S. regions who fly in at least three IAC sanctioned contests during the year. 

At the time of this writing, three contests have been run in these regions; South Central, and Southeast.

South Central region qualified (flown in three contests in the region) leaders are;

Sportsman: 1st place David Lutes , 2nd place David Valaer, 3rd place Andrea McGilvray

Intermediate: 1st place Craig Fitzgerald, 2nd place Doug Jenkins, 3rd place Jay Hanson

Advanced:  1st place Klayton Kirkland, 2nd place Julia Wood


Southeast region qualified leaders are:

Intermediate; 1st place Jerry Esquenazi

Advanced: 1st place Marty Flournoy, 2nd place Charlie Sikes

You can find the Regional series details and rankings online at: 

In the National Point Series Championship (NPSC) competition, inspired by Leo Loudenslager, a competitor's results from three different regional contests are accumulated to rank pilots nationally in the Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited categories.

We now have several pilots that have flown in two different regions, meaning they are the leaders in the Nationals Point Series. With calculated point sums from two regions, the following are currently in first place; Marianne Fox (Sportsman), Brittanee Lincoln (Intermediate), Dave Watson (Advanced) and Jim Bourke (Unlimited)

You can find the National Point series details and rankings online at: