The organizing team of the 2021 World Advanced Aerobatic Championship announces cancellation

Dear participants, partners, friends, aerobatic enthusiasts,

We must announce with great regret that 14th FAI World Advanced Aerobatic Championship 2021, Hosín, Czech Republic is canceled.

The reason for the cancelation is the inability of Aeroclub of the Czech Republic as NAC and its Executive Board to keep up to commitments with FAI and sign the Organizer Agreement. Even though the Local Organizer of WAAC continuously and clearly declares its own commitment to organize the Event and CIVA/FAI in good faith expects that commitment will be fulfilled.


Dear CIVA Delegates and aerobatic friends,

I regret to confirm that the situation regarding WAAC and EAC in the Czech Republic this year remains unresolved. Despite a long series of exchanges over many months between FAI, the CIVA Bureau and the President of the Czech Aero Club, the NAC has so far failed to sign the FAI Organiser Agreements and together we have not reached a final solution.

In parallel with this complex situation the Bureau of CIVA has been vigorously pursuing alternative solutions, among them some clearly able to provide the structure we need. It is not yet time to provide details, but we are now confident that both WAAC and EAC will be able to run this year to the same or a similar timetable in an adjacent country, and of course with full Category-1 status.

Entry moneys already committed are safe and will shortly be returned to each competitor so that, when the final details are published in a few days, they will be able to refocus with the new organiser.

I promise that more news will be circulated as soon as we are able.

With kind regards to you all,

Nick Buckenham, CIVA president
The full announcement can be accessed on the 14th FAI World Advanced Aerobatic Championship website at: