EAA's Greendot features presidents of the IAC, Warbirds and Vintage divisions

What's New with WOA, IAC, and VAA

This time on EAA’s The Green Dot, we sat down with Warbirds of America President Jim “Zack” Olzacki, International Aerobatic Club President Jim Bourke, and Vintage Aircraft Association President Susan Dusenbury to talk about what’s new in each division, what visitors can expect to see from them at AirVenture this year, and of course, how to join!

During the podcast, you can hear IAC president Jim Bourke starting at minute 18:20. As the interview with Jim begins he speaks about National Aerobatics Day. "We have our new initiative this year which is called National Aerobatics Day. This year it will be on June 26th. It will be the fourth Saturday of the month every June. This will be the first one and we are really excited about it. The idea is simply to get people out there flying aerobatics. It is a day where people can do whatever they want as long as they record it and put it on social media or president [at] iac.org (subject: National%20Aerobatics%20Day) (tell us) about it so we can get people to show up at their events. Letting people have a lot of flexibility on this one, because it is really about celebrating the joy of aerobatic flight."

Listen in to the full podcast online:
EAA’s The Green Dot — Divisions Update: What’s New With WOA, IAC, and VAA – Hangar Flying