30 IAC Sanctioned Contests Scheduled in 2021!

The 2021 contest season is coming back in full force! 28 contests has been scheduled and recently two more were added to the contest calendar - Super D Tango and SoCal Surprise bringing the total scheduled contests up to 30.

IAC chapter 24 has confirmed the Super D Tango is scheduled to continue with their tradition of a one-day contest in Akroville, Texas on Saturday, July 10th. This is a one-type of airplane, one category contest where no one has any airplane or category advantage over another!  It truly lets all pilots compete against each other on a level playing field!   It doesn't matter whether the pilot normally flies Unlimited in an Extra 300 or Primary in an RV-8....in this contest everyone flies Sportsman in a Decathlon!!  Everyone flies twice...once from the front seat, once from the rear seat and ideally in 2 different Decathlons! SEE ALL THE CONTEST DETAILS: Super D Tango | International Aerobatic Club (iac.org)

IAC chapter 26 is working on a new, awesome location for their traditional Labor Day weekend contest. Because they are still dealing with the city management and airport logistics to get this event permitted, they are holding off on revealing the location as of now. Thecontest will be in Southern California, has decent weather for summer and should be a good location for years to come. "Feel free to guess! BTW, that's not the real contest name either. Unless we want it to be," said IAC chapter 26 president, Susan Bell. Details will be updated on the contest listing: SoCal Surprise | International Aerobatic Club (iac.org)

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