Get your start!

"Get Your Start” is an IAC initiative intended to encourage first-time participation in IAC aerobatic contests, and to lead new aerobatic pilots to long-term relationships with the IAC. The names of all first-time competitors will be identified from the IAC contest database after each contest. These contest participants will receive a special gift box from the IAC. The box will contain -
  • A personalized letter thanking the pilot for participating
  • Advertising flyers from the IAC, EAA, aerobatic flight schools and airplane manufacturers
  • A decal, cap and coffee cup with the Get Your Start logo

As part of the intiative we are asking established and well-known airshow pilots to share with us how they got their start in aerobatic flying and the role the IAC played in that start. They will also talk about how the IAC can help others to get their own start.

Promotion of the "Get Your Start" marketing program starts now! Tag us on your aerobatic social media posts: #IAC_GetYourStart .