IAC Interim Director Opening

A vacancy in the IAC Southwest Director position was created by the recent IAC Director/Officer election in which Jim Bourke was voted in as President. Per IAC Bylaws, when a vacancy on the IAC Board of Directors is created, the position will be filled by appointment of an Interim Director as selected by the remaining Directors. The Interim Director will serve out the vacated term through July 2021, at which time they may choose to run for election.

The director position must be filled with an IAC member in good standing. Some experience with IAC chapter leadership is desirable, but not mandatory. If you are interested in submitting a statement of interest with your bio, please send it to IAC Secretary Sara Arnold at sarnold969 [at] gmail.com prior to August 10. The IAC board members will meet to discuss all submitted candidates for consideration. A meeting of the directors is being planned in the next seven to ten days to make a determination on filling the IAC Southwest Director position.