2020 IAC Election Results

The voting for our slate of candidates closed at 6:00pm CDT today, July 21, 2020. We thank everyone who took the time to vote for the leadership of the IAC. The results of the election are:

President: Jim Bourke 

Secretary: Sara Arnold (unopposed) 

Directors: Marty Flournoy, Rob Holland  Debby Rihn-Harvey  (all unopposed)

We extend our appreciation to Robert Armstrong for his dedicated years of service as president of the IAC. We also thank Lynn Bowes who is retiring from the secretary’s position and Ron Schreck who is retiring from a director’s position. We have appreciated Robert’s, Lynn’s and Ron’s dedication to the IAC and to the safety and enjoyment of aerobatic aviation.  

We offer a sincere welcome to Jim, Sara and Marty as they join our leadership team. We also thank Rob and Debby for their continued desire to serve the members of the IAC and to promote our sport.

Our new officers and directors will assume their positions at the end of the annual meeting on August 1st.


The Ballots were certified by DJ Molny IAC 25097, Ballot Certification Chair on July 21, 2020.

A total of 678 ballots were cast. I hereby certify the following results: 
  • President 
    • Robert Armstrong: 216 votes
    • James Bourke: 456 votes 
  • Secretary
    • Sara Arnold: 635 votes (running unopposed)
  • Board of Directors (three open seats)
    • Marty Flournoy: 507 votes
    • Rob Holland: 571 votes
    • Debby Rihn-Harvey: 519 votes