IAC Annual Membership Meeting

In his May 2nd news release Jack J. Pelton, EAA's CEO and Chairman of the Board, announced that AirVenture 2020 had to be canceled. With Wisconsin still under Safer at Home orders through May 26th, preparations with staff and volunteers were unable to proceed. Due to COVID-19 current phasing-in guidelines, no one can predict when Wisconsin will be at a point that AirVenture meets the all clear Phase 3 milestone for mass gatherings with restrictions.

During AirVenture, the International Aerobatic Club typically holds a couple of important club activities: the IAC Annual Membership Meeting and the IAC Member Gathering Dinner. Both events were scheduled for Friday July 24 with the Annual Meeting in the morning and the Member Gathering in the evening. There are no plans to replicate the IAC Member Gathering on another date or location.

Currently the EAA legal office is researching with the State of Wisconsin to determine if holding an Annual Meeting by teleconference or webinar is a valid possibility. Our Bylaws state that the IAC's Annual Meeting is to be a date in July or August but nothing further on whether it has to be in person. The EAA is asking the question for their own Annual Meeting and IAC president Robert Armstrong indicated the IAC will follow the EAA's lead.

Once options are presented, IAC leadership will announce the Annual Meeting date, time and location at least 30 days in advance, according to the IAC Bylaws. Further updates will come through IAC official publications and the IAC website.