Judges School - online class date set

Calling all non-current Regional and National Judges!  
The Covid crisis will not last forever and when the delayed contest season starts you will want to be ready!  

To make up for the cancellation and delay of Judges Schools we plan to hold an all day Practical Aerobatic Judging webinar.  The EAA will be our host and DJ Molny, Steve Johnson, Hector Ramirez, and Wes Liu will be your tag-team presenters. 

Judges who need to attend a Judges School for currency can participate using their computer, the largest computer screen that they have access to, the best internet connection that they can hook into, and their sense of adventure.   This will be a new experience for us all.   Put April 25 on your calendar.  

All IAC Judges should have received an invitation e-mail with instructions on how to register and what you will need to participate.  Any Judge who has not received an invitation e-mail can, after checking their spam folder, contact the Judge Program Chair, Wes Liu.  Weston dot liu at charter.net.


APRIL 2 - Judges School Update – Before the current Covid-19 crisis arrived our dedicated IAC Judges participated in 8 of the16 planned 2020 Judges Schools.  Most of the remainder have been postponed with a few cancelled.   The current crisis will not last forever so when the contest season gets going, we will need Judges.

Looking ahead, long-time IAC volunteer DJ Molny, and myself as Chair of the Judges Program, are putting together a webinar that will deliver the Practical Aerobatic Judging recurrency training using the EAA’s webinar technology.  Much thanks to EAA for the help.  We are planning to hold this webinar on Saturday April 25. 

Judges who meet the activity requirements for 2020 currency need not participate.  Judges who are required to attend a 2020 Judges school to be current for 2020 should send an e-mail to the program Chair at weston.liu at charter dot net to begin the registration process.

All IAC members who are not yet Judges are encouraged to do the online training.   We always need more members to be Judges.  Please view the INTRODUCTION TO IAC AND THE ARESTI LANGUAGE training and the Judge Knowledge Quizzes on the IAC website.   The online training, with its quizzes, must be completed to qualify for participation in the Practical Aerobatic Judging session.

This will be our first venture into the world of interactive online training.  I hope that IAC Judges will bring their sense of adventure, sense of humor, and a large computer monitor to participate.   I will note that a trial run has suggested that even your best phone’s screen is not large enough.

Our goal is that when the sun shines and the first competitor of the post-crisis contest season dives into the box, we have a full complement of current Grading Judges seated.

Thanks for all of your effort, enthusiasm, and patience.

Wes Liu

Chair, IAC Judges Program