International Aerobatic Club on COVID-19

These are challenging times for organizations. The IAC is an association based on activity and social interaction and we are feeling the separation from our friends more keenly as we get deeper into the contest and judges school season. See Jack Pelton's message regarding AirVenture planning HERE.(updated 3/26/20)

We want to be compliant with state and local official orders and whatever the daily briefings require. Most IAC chapters are taking it upon themselves to cancel or reschedule judges schools and contests based on what their state is mandating. We have been following the situation closely and trying to keep folks informed through social media and on our website with a News Item:

In addition, for his health and safety, our Executive Director, Steve Kurtzahn, now is working from home in Fond du Lac where he has set up an office and linked by VPN to all files he normally would have access. You should notice no change in work or information coming from IAC-HQ. He is able to visit the EAA offices in Oshkosh on a limited basis, as necessary, and there will be little or no interruption for anything you may require as we go forward.

Please direct your attention to EAA's statement they released on their website regarding guidance for chapter meetings.

We are thankful for friends and family and IAC friends who have become family and wish you the very best. Please take all precautions and do your part to stay healthy. We look forward to seeing all of you again soon.

Robert Armstrong
IAC President