USA Unlimited Aerobatic Team Wins Silver at WAC2019!

The 30th FAI 2019 World Aerobatic Championships have ended. The team reports working hard and having a wonderful experience in Châteauroux, France the last week of August.

Congratulations to Team USA’s by the three highest scoring USA pilots; Rob Holland, Craig Gifford and Mark Nowosielski for earning the Team Silver with their strong performances!

Rob Holland earned flight medals; gold for free unknown 2 and bronze for free unknown 3. In addition, Rob has the highest combined score for all three Unknowns earning him the Eric Muller Trophy with the highest total points in the three “Unknown” flights.  He also snagged his fifth consecutive Gold medal in the 4 minute Freestyle. Congratulations Rob!

Rounding out the team performances were solid flights from Jim Bourke, and newbies A.J. Wilder and Krysta Paradis. Thanks to team manager Alice Johnson and team coach Claude “Coco” Bessiere for all of their guidance and support onsite and leading up to the championships.





















Rob Holland, Craig Gifford and Mark Nowosielski with Team Manager Alice Johnson