Team USA begins Competition Flights August 22 at WAC2019

Drawing for Order of Flight

Team USA attended the General Briefing this afternoon. The briefing included a drawing for the Order of Flight for the first round; Known Programme 1. Results of the drawing; Krysta 6,  Craig 19, Mark 29, AJ 38, Rob 47, Jim 49.

Best wishes to Team USA on your flights tomorrow. The championship begins at 0800 August 22nd in Chateauroux-Déols Airport (36) located about 250 km South of PARIS, in the center of France in the “Berry region”. (Time zone in France (GMT+2) ).
















Craig Gifford, A.J. Wilder, Mark Nowosielski, Jim Bourke, Krysta Paradis and Rob Holland. Go Team USA!

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