Kathy Jaffe Challenge - Final Update - CANCELLED

Kathy Jaffe Challenge cancelled

I regret to inform you that we have not been able to secure a waiver from the FAA in the short time allotted to move our box.
Therefore in order for people to adjust their plans we must cancel the Kathy Jaffe contest for 2019 at South Jersey Regional airport . We will be back !

To everyone who was prepared to help and participate and the contest committee; Bill Finagin, Terri Nathanson, Mark Mattioli and John Fellenzer. A super special thank you goes to Patty Anderson who did a super job in past week securing an alternative and getting arrangements made on the ground. Great job, too bad we could not make it happen.

Please don’t forget about upcoming Warrenton Va contest

Ron Mann
Contest Director


Contest is still on! Alternate location information coming soon.

Work by several people continues so that we will be able to hold our event next weekend.
We have alternate site and are awaiting waiver. We would still plan to fly from South Jersey airport as base.

I will keep you informed when I have further Information.

Ron Mann
Contest Director


IAC Sanction Rescinded due to lower altitude and regulatory violations in Class Bravo airspace
Contest officials looking to move the contest

Due to a recent change in FAA regulations we have not been granted a waiver into the Philadelphia Class B airspace. We have had the waiver up to 3500feet for the past 6 years. We have only been given a waiver to 2900 feet at South Jersey Airport.

The IAC contest sanctioning committee had concerns about safety due to lower altitude and regulatory violations due to Class Bravo airspace above. These facts have only become known in past two weeks.

Despite the best efforts of many people to work out solutions at government level or to adjust contest rules , it has been decided that our sanction has to be rescinded as of yesterday evening.

We are currently attempting to move to another nearby airport.  Stay tuned. I will let you know details as they become available.
Ron Mann
Contest director

Updates will be posted to the contest listing: https://www.iac.org/contest/2019-08-16-kathy-jaffe-challenge