IAC Volunteers Needed for AirVenture

Act quick and get a free wristband for the day you volunteer with IAC at AirVenture!
Ever since IAC’s creation, volunteers have been our heart and soul. Every program and every committee is served by volunteer chairs and members.  Whether a judge, an attendee at a Regional Contest, or it’s a bustling afternoon at AirVenture, all work is done by volunteers.
We are looking for volunteers to serve a four hour shifts in the morning or afternoon throughout the week or Wednesday and Saturday evenings at the IAC Pavilion. You can help keep the area tidy, hand out an IAC membership brochure and share your aerobatic knowledge with our guests and members.

Join us and be a part of the AirVenture experience. Must be an IAC member to receive a free wristband for the day of your volunteer service.
To volunteer or get more information, contact Justin Hickson before May 10. jhisbatman [at] yahoo.com