2019-29 Rule Change

Increased Presentation K across the board - what you need to know

One of the approved 2019 Approved Rule Proposals changed the presentation Ks for all Power Sequences. For this year only, by IAC Board of Directors majority decision, anyone with a Free sequence does not have to have their 2018 approved Free sequence redrawn or rechecked by a judge. If you plan to create a new Free sequence, then you still have to have it checked by a judge as usual.


If you have a Free sequence from 2018 that you intend to use during the 2019 season, then what the competitor must do is to correct their own paperwork by striking out the presentation K and writing in the new K along with updating the total K on the "A" form - if the registrar catches it at registration, they will ask the competitor to correct all their forms and turn them back in when they are updated.

As always it is the pilot's responsibility to make sure their A/B/C forms are correct and up to date. This grace period only extends to this year's 2019 contest season. In 2020 all pilots should have their Free forms preprinted with the correct K and signed off by a judge.


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