2019 IAC Rule Book Posted

The 2019 edition of the IAC Rule Book is now available to members at: https://www.iac.org/download-contest-rules. A summary of all of the 2019 Approved Rules Proposals can be found at the bottom of the Contest Rules page.
A working group, appointed by the IAC Executive Committee to *incorporate the Rule Proposals that were approved at the November 2018 Fall Board meeting, has now completed their work in a little under three weeks.
Special thanks to Wayne Roberts, previous Government Relations and IAC Director, who spearheaded the group effort. Lorrie Penner, IAC Executive Director and Lynn Bowes, IAC Secretary carried out edits and formatting. Dave Watson and DJ Molny both Judge Program members assisted with review and Wes Liu, Chair of the Judge Program and member of the Rules Committee completed the final review before publication.
Our sincere thanks go out to all who helped complete this project.
Robert Armstrong
IAC President


*Please note that during the project to incorporate the 2019 Approved Rule Changes various members of this working group did find some inconsistencies throughout the book that included typos, grammar and added verbiage (not originally included in rule proposals) intended to clarify rules. It was the mission of the working group to only add in the new 2019 Approved Rule Changes, not to do an overall edit of the Rule Book. Future consideration is being given to appointing a Rule Book Task Force to adjust the inconsistencies which were found during this project.