2018 Regional Series Winners Announced

The final scores have been tabulated for the 2018 regional series competition. Fifty-seven (57) pilots successfully competed at three or more contests needed to qualify for the series and place in the top three in their category for their respective region.

The regional series began in 2002. To be eligible, a pilot must fly at least three contests during the year and one contest may include the U.S. Nationals. If more than three contests are flown, the highest scores are used to arrive at each participant’s total percentage. First, second and third place decals are awarded to qualified participants in each category (Primary - Unlimited) in each of the six regions. Decals are being mailed out to the recipient the last week in January.

The 2018 Regional Series Champions are:

Mid-America Region

Primary: 1st place: Torin Walhood                81.13% PP

Primary: 2nd place: John Strong                  77.08% PP

Sportsman: 1st place: Larry Ernewein         87.62% PP

Sportsman:  2nd place: Jarrett Croy            83.05% PP

Sporstman:  3rd place: Alex Hunt                81.35% PP

Intermediate: 1st place: Justin Hickson       78.17% PP

Intermediate: 2nd place: Cory Johnson       77.39% PP

Advanced: 1st place: Steve Johnson          69.87% PP 

Northeast Region

Sportsman: 1st place: Jerry Esquenazi       82.92% PP

Sportsman: 2nd place: John Shavinsky      80.51% PP

Intermediate: 1st place: Mathieu Barbin      79.20% PP

Intermediate: 2nd place: Ron Mann            78.54% PP

Intermediate: 3rd place: Wes Liu                 76.78% PP

Unlimited: 1st place: Krysta Paradis            65.12% PP 

Northwest Region

Sportsman: 1st place: Susan Bell               82.63% PP

Sportsman: 2nd place: Charlie Teeuwsen  77.84% PP

Sporstman: 3rd place: James Potter          74.75% PP

Intermediate: 1st place: Luke Penner         82.73% PP

Intermediate: 2nd place: Neil Harris           81.30% PP

Intermediate: 3rd place: Ben Rose             79.33% PP

Advanced: 1st place: Peter Gelinas           73.82% PP 

Advanced: 2nd place: Jerry Riedinger       68.51% PP 

Advanced: 3rd place: Doug Sowder           54.63% PP 

Unlimited: 1st place: Jerzy Strzyz               79.71% PP 

Unlimited: 2nd place: Dave Barbet             77.57% PP 

Unlimited: 3rd place: Jim Bourke               76.41% PP 

South Central Region

Primary: 1st place: Natalya Shemigon        82.71% PP

Primary: 2nd place: Stefan Comina            77.11% PP

Primary: 3rd place: Jenna Coffman            75.74% PP

Sportsman: 1st place: Samuel Robinson    81.32% PP

Sportsman: 2nd place: Scott Perkins          81.12% PP

Sporstman: 3rd place: David Valaer            81.06% PP

Intermediate: 1st place: Shaun Brautigan   82.62% PP

Intermediate: 2nd place: Tom Rhodes        82.42% PP

Intermediate: 3rd place: Antonio Davila      81.79% PP

Advanced: 1st place: Mike Forney             77.14% PP 

Advanced: 2nd place: Dick Fennel             61.87% PP 

Advanced: 3rd place: Duncan Koerbel       58.83% PP 

Southeast Region

Sportsman: 1st place: Jerry Esquenazi       83.83% PP

Sportsman: 2nd place: Randy King             79.24% PP

Sporstman: 3rd place: Carlos Sotolongo     72.88% PP

Intermediate: 1st place: Wayne Asplundh   82.81% PP

Intermediate: 2nd place: Shaun Brautigan  81.54% PP

Intermediate: 3rd place: James Wells         75.83% PP

Advanced: 1st place: Marty Flournoy         78.15% PP 

Advanced: 2nd place: Stan Moye               75.27% PP 

Advanced: 3rd place: John Wacker            74.46% PP

Southwest Region

Primary: 1st place: Matthew Sparks                 60.69% PP

Sportsman: 1st place: Susan Bell                    84.72% PP

Sportsman: 2nd place: Pawel Miko                  80.58% PP

Sporstman: 3rd place: Magne Nerheim           76.83% PP

Intermediate: 1st place: Stephen De La Cruz  81.40% PP

Intermediate: 2nd place: Howard Kirker           81.18% PP

Intermediate: 3rd place: Barrett Hines              78.51% PP

Advanced: 1st place: A.J. Wilder                      73.91% PP 

Unlimited: 1st place: Jim Bourke                      73.37% PP 

Unlimited: 2nd place: Hiroyasu Endo               65.68% PP 

Congratulations to all of the Series winners!

For additional detailed information on the 2018 series go to www.iac.org/ under Competition, Regional Series, Results. LINK