Tom Adams Inducted into the IAC Hall of Fame

On November 8, 2018 at the EAA Halls of Fame Banquet, longstanding IAC member Tom Adams was inducted into the IAC Hall of Fame.

Adams (IAC 1999) learned to fly by training with his father and helped pay for college by dusting crops in a 450 Stearman. He served in the Marine Aviation Cadet program in Pensacola, flying A-4D Skyhawks, and eventually began a 32-year career with Northwest Airlines. Adams retired as a captain on the 747-400 after logging time in more than 100 different aircraft types.

His aerobatic career began with a self-built Pitts S-1C in regional IAC contests. He has earned multiple competition awards,including the ALL TEN award designation for proficiency in aerobatic flight through the IAC Achievement Award Program for proficiency in Primary through Unlimited categories. Adams is highly regarded as a judge after serving in that role for more than 200 contests. He is the 2010 recipient of the Robert L. Heuer Judges Award, recognizing his outstanding achievements made in competition aerobatics by a judge. He is also the 2015 Kathy Jaffe Volunteer award winner, which was presented to him in recognition for his coaching, mentoring, new ideas for improving the sport, and encouraging others. Adams also served on the IAC board of directors for more than 28 years and continues to serve as a judge at the annual U.S. National Aerobatic Championships.

“Tom Adams has not only earned the respect of the aerobatics community because of his abilities as a pilot and a judge, but through his willingness to share his expertise with fellow aerobatic pilots,” said Robert Armstrong, IAC president. “He represents the best of aviation because of the way he encourages all who show an interest in competition aerobatics, whether that is at contests, IAC chapter practice sessions, or at his own airstrip.”














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