RV Series Results Posted

While there is no official IAC award specifically for the RV series of aircraft, IAC board member Ron Schreck maintains a list of standings on the Vans Air Force website. http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?p=1302132

Ron writes: Congratulations to Brian Pfam who scored a first place finish in the final IAC competition of the season. Brian is the sole RV pilot competing in the Primary category this year and expects to move up to the Sportsman level in 2019. 

I just returned from the IAC Fall Board meeting where we reviewed the proposed KNOWN sequences for 2019. We returned the three lower category KNOWNs to the Known Sequence Committee for a re-write. We decided that there was no reason to change the PRIMARY sequence as it worked well in 2018. There may be some who think we should change the PRIMARY sequence every year but the Board feels that PRIMARY is just an introduction to competition and pilots should move up to SPORTSMAN after a year in PRIMARY. We sent the SPORTSMAN sequence back to the committee because there were a couple of figures which would have been difficult to fly by those without inverted systems. (FYI: The policy guidance to the Known Sequence Committee states that... "Proposed Primary and power Sportsman Known sequences shall be flyable by aircraft without inverted fuel or oil systems, in the class of 115 hp Citabrias")

We sent the INTERMEDIATE sequence back to the committee with instructions to omit snap rolls from the KNOWN sequence. (Once again, the policy guidance to the committee states that... "Proposed power Intermediate Known sequences shall be flyable by aircraft in the class of the 150 hp Decathlon.") Many Decathlon aircraft have sustained damage to fuel tanks as a result of doing snap rolls.

I think this is all good news for the RV aerobatic group. There are no barriers to RV competition at the SPORTSMAN level and those without inverted systems have an equal chance of emerging victorious. All it takes is practice, practice, practice! The 2019 competition season will be here before you know it. Get ready!