Get Ready for Rule Changes in 2019

This year 25 rule change proposals were submitted by the Rules Committee to the IAC board.  Of these, 11 were approved.  Approved proposals have been sent back to the Rules Committee for inclusion in the 2019 IAC Rulebook.

The approved proposals are

2019-02  Glider seatbelt requirements eased.
2019-04  Allow CIVA Judges to judge at the IAC Nationals.
2019-05  Allow optional Humpty in place of spin for purpose of Glider Primary, Sportsman, and Intermediate Smooth Awards.
2019-07  Remove through from list of Intermediate Unknown Allowed Figures.
2019-10 Judge Currency requirements eased.
2019-11  Allows judges to meet recurrency requirements via supervised practice.
2019-12  Eliminate requirement for smoke bombs on the judges line.
2019-21  Allow Hors Concors competition flights to count for regional and national awards.
2019-27 Ease requirements to become a national judge (accepted by the board as originally proposed).
2019-29  Presentation K factors increased for all categories.
2019-33  Treat minority HZs as Averages when calculating Star Awards.

The complete packet of rules proposals submitted to the board can be found here: