Notes from the IAC Fall Board Meeting

The IAC Board of Directors met in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on November 9th and 10th for the annual Fall Board Meeting. The board had 64 agenda items to review, discuss, and make some decisions on. All documents are on the IAC website here for our members: (member log in required)
Of major interest to the membership were four big topics; U.S. National Aerobatic Championships, Rules Proposals, the 2019 Proposed Known sequences, and 2019 AirVenture.
The subject of Nationals came up first. During a site review the board decided the best course of action was to delay a decision on naming the site of the 2019 Nationals and take the opportunity to take a look at other airports to host our premier event. The board is looking at airports that have the right set of criteria, for all our members to host the championships as well as be the best long term home. Research is being done using the center of the United States as a starting point and going out from there. An update on information gathering will come to the board January 19, 2019.
This year there was a record setting 47 rule proposals of which 22 proposals, evaluated by the eight member Rules Committee, were recommended for adoption into the 2019 Rule Book, and an additional three rules proposals were conditionally recommended if indicated changes were included. The Rules Committee is composed of eight individuals who spent many hours looking for duplicate or similar proposals, effects of the proposals on current rules and in some cases the effects of rules on the Policy and Procedure manual. The board spent the majority of the afternoon of the 10th of November discussing the 22 rule proposals under consideration. After two hours of discussion they approved 11 and sent back 1 for slight modification. 
When the board members came back from a much deserved break, they evaluated the suggestions for the 2019 Knowns. Rob Holland, who is a member of the sequence committee, led the discussion. The Primary sequence will remain the same as last year, Sportsman and Intermediate were sent back for modifications. The Advanced and Unlimited sequences were accepted by the board as submitted. The suggested sequences can be found on the IAC meeting documents pages with a member login.
During the discussion on 2019 AirVenture planning, the board agreed and voted unanimously to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Giles-200. DJ Molny will lead the planning efforts on the celebration and will be contacting aircraft owners for photos for the exhibition panels. Other details being planned by the 2019 AV working group are the Annual IAC Membership meeting to be held on Friday morning, July 25th, 2019 and the IAC Membership Gathering that same night at the EAA Nature Center.
We are already starting to plan AirVenture 2020 since it will be the 50th Anniversary of the forming of the IAC. There is room on the planning committee and working group. If you have an interest to be part of it, contact Lorrie Penner, Executive Director. execdir[a]
I would like to thank all of the board members and others in attendance for a very productive and congenial Fall Board Meeting.
Happy Holidays,

Robert Armstrong
IAC President