Rules Proposals for 2019 - Survey Form Available

The rules proposals for 2019 which were submitted by IAC members have been posted on this website. Members were requested to respond to iacrulescomments [at] with their views and opinions on these proposals. However, to make this more efficient, the Rules Committee has introduced a "survey style" method for members to comment. To begin the survey, please click on this link:

There are 46 proposals this year and the survey will take you through them, one-by-one. It is also possible to skip them or to skip to one down the list if you only have ones you specifically want to comment on.

Deadline for comments is 1 October 2018. The IAC Board of Directors will be provided your comments as a part of their agenda package and will have a chance to review these remarks prior to their meeting in Oshkosh the first weekend in November.

Please go to the link and comment today! IAC needs your input.