2018 IAC Election Results Announced

The IAC Vice President, Doug Bartlett, announced the results of the 2018 IAC Election at the IAC Annual Membership Meeting in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on July 27, 2018. 

The results were *certified by the IAC Ballot Certification Committee Chair, DJ Molny, and were as follows:

  • President -- Robert Armstrong: 294 votes (running unopposed)
  • Secretary -- Lynn Bowes: 300 votes (running unopposed)

Board of Directors (three open seats)

  • Debby Rihn-Harvey: 228 votes
  • Rob Holland: 231 votes
  • Ron Schreck: 220 votes
  • Mike Heuer: 153 votes

The newly elected Officers and three Directors assumed office at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.


*Votes were collected from IAC member voting off the iac.org web server. The votes were cross checked with copies of ballots sent through a protected Gmail account as back up. Totals from the Gmail ballots matched the results reported by the iac.org web server.